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"You are, and have been, a valued friend of health care and a great advocate for our community and state."
— Stephen A. Williams
President & CEO
Norton Health Care
Contact Information

Ph: (502) 564-8100,
       ext. 706
Toll-Free: (800) 372-7181
Fax: (502) 564-6453

Louisville Office
P.O. Box 43244
Louisville, KY 40253

Home: (502) 245-8905
Office: (502) 400-3838
Fax: (502) 244-1015

Meet State Representative Ron Crimm

Ron Crimm has served the citizens in the northeastern area of Jefferson County in the Kentucky General Assembly since 1996 (link to map of District 33**), even after the redistricting plan of 2002. During his 12 years in the House, Ron has earned a coveted leadership position, serving as Vice Chair of the Banking and Insurance Committee. He also serves on the Licensing and Occupation, the Local Government, and the Military Affairs and Public Safety committees, as well as the a Capitol Planning Advisory Board (a statutory committee). Gov. Patton appointed him to serve on the Insurance Oversight Committee, and Gov. Beshear placed him on the Unemployment Task Force.

As a small businessman, Ron knows firsthand the problems we face with finding affordable health care, and the need for tax reform for all Kentuckians.  Over the years, Representative Crimm’s legislative agenda has led him to sponsor and pass a variety of bills – ranging from mental health issues to license reform of the electrical industry to sponsoring the resolution that placed crash barriers on our interstate system (statewide). A major win for Kentucky, he worked to pass legislation that will attract more insurance companies to our state – increasing competition and offering Kentuckians more choices for less of our hard-earned dollars.

Representative Crimm is Vice Chair of the National Council of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) Life Committee.  Additionally, by serving on the Agriculture Committee of the National Council of State Legislators (NCSL), he has gained a range of experience working side-by-side with state legislators from across the nation.

Ron is a graduate of Shippensburg University, Pennsylvania. He taught school in Delaware County Pennsylvania until 1961 when he entered the insurance industry in Philadelphia. They have lived in Louisville since 1971, except for a brief stint in Wheaton, Illinois. He and his wife started their own insurance agency here in 1977, which they owned and managed until 1999 when they sold it to Thoroughbred Associates in Middletown. Representative Crimm continues to be active in the insurance business on a daily basis.

Ron and his wife Phyllis have been married for more than 50 years. Phyllis, also a graduate of Shippensburg University, taught school until they started their family. She also worked with Ron to open and run their insurance agency in Jefferson County. They have two adult children and five adult grandchildren.

Ron serves/has served on a number of community boards:
Middletown Chamber
Jeffersontown Chamber
Great Louisville Inc.
Suburban Hospital Board
Advisory Board, Norton Hospital
Friends of the Methodist Children's Home
Past-president of both Middletown Elementary and Eastern High School PTA
Past-president Middletown Kiwanis Club
Good Samaritan Home, Jeffersontown Board
Past Treasurer Jefferson County Republican Party
Three Chair of Jefferson County Republican Party
Chair, Louisville Board of District Missions, United Methodist Church
Member of Middletown Methodist Church (and adult Sunday School teacher more than 30 years)
Jaycees Middletown, Pennsylvania

Elected Political Positions:
Kentucky General Assembly
West Shore School Board, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
President, Green Lane Farms Civic Org.

A few of Ron's awards (visit The Record for a more complete list):
Kentucky Insurance Agent of the Year  (Russell Award)
Friend of the Cities Award (KLC) (twice)
Jesse S. Heiges Award as the 2008 Distinguished Alumni of the Year, Shippensburg University
Snead Award as the Business Graduate of the Year Award

**The 33rd District includes, but is not limited to, the following communities (only portions of some): Anchorage, Blue Ridge, Cooperfield, Douglass Hills, Eastwood, Fox Creek, Hickory Hills, Jeffersontown, Lake Forest, Louisville, Lyndon, Meadow Vale, Middletown, Saratoga Woods, White Blossom, Wildwood and Woodland Hills. © 2010; paid for by the Crimm Campaign, Rodger McAlister Treasurer.